Advanced FinTech App Security Solutions for Steady Protection


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FinTech app security solutions are a priority today to keep applications secure from continuously increasing threats and scams. Finance industry firms often find it challenging to ensure their application’s security. The solutions are to save a large volume of consumer, transactional, and sensitive data at scale.

The finance industry has been sensitive for a long time. However, with digital transformation, finance firms are more alert and prudent towards their application development process. Today FinTech applications require more security measures that tighten the gateways for threats to restrict entries. For this, firms should embed the following security solutions to make applications more secure from data breaches and improve existing security solutions.

Secure Codes

Designing secure finance applications is useless if codes are not secured. Compromised codes hinder application functionalities and may result in customer transaction data breaches. Improper coding practices can also create potential vulnerabilities. Embedding secure codes into FinTech application development is supposed to be a key solution to secure the apps. Codes can be secured when not open to any SQL injection because hackers use unauthorized SQL queries to the code bases, allowing them to retrieve crucial data information. Determining the intention behind such queries in code deployment can make codes safer. And those secure codes can help FinTech applications to maintain security measures throughout the functionality.

Adaptive Authentication Solution

Adaptive authentication is an advanced form of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). It secures financial applications by analyzing user behavior and detecting suspicious activities after logging in. The advanced version of MFA confirms a user’s identity and conducts real-time assessment throughout the application usage session. These measures track illegal app activities and verify users to secure the apps by sending authentication codes to the user’s mobile or using a one-time password to continue using the app.

Antivirus and Firewalls Solutions

Firms embedding a combination of robust firewalls and antivirus solutions is a key to FinTech application security. Advanced firewalls are essential to prevent malware attempts. They are capable of better inspection and have better-controlling power of networks. Finance companies may get the following advantages of using these solutions to secure FinTech applications—

  • Provides integrated intrusion detection systems and intrusion protection systems
  • Provide better capabilities to monitor traffic on applications
  • Advanced firewalls use one integrated device to provide advanced solution capabilities and streamline application infrastructure requirements
  • Advanced firewalls maintain a high network speed and offer advanced services to protect applications
  • Antivirus solutions protect from spyware and malware in applications as these keep advancing
  • Antivirus solutions offer to scan applications and apply two-way firewalls
  • Leading antivirus solutions protect from spam ads and links to access a particular app

Encryption Solutions

Encryption of application data and users’ data is one of the efficient ways to secure FinTech applications. In recent years, a few giant firms provided encryption to their app data. However, with the rising threat in the finance industry, encryption solutions have become necessary to secure applications and customers’ data. Encryption is a modern-day security approach for financial apps. It blocks thefts through MFA, functions as real-time threat intelligence, and blocks entry points to databases of applications.

Even it keeps information hidden from unauthorized parties by using cryptographic tools like a cryptographic hash that converts plaintext to cipher text. So, an unauthorized body can only see random alphanumeric details of applications.

Many data security regulations mandate adding encryption for modern applications for high-security purposes. Also, it does secure the accessibility of applications when firms work remotely. Encryption further keeps digital identity secure under privacy regulations.

Here are some data encryption algorithms that will help to provide security solutions for finance applications:

  • RSA: It is a highly secure asymmetrical algorithm and is available in public and private encryption keys.
  • 3DES: It is a form of encryption for credit card PINs.
  • Twofish: It is a symmetric encryption algorithm that makes it one of the more secure encryption protocols for finance applications.

Embrace Compliance-as-Code

Firms must comply with GDPR and PCI/DSS regulations when developing finance applications. Complying with these regulations is necessary when apps are launched. Also, to keep it functional, firms must ensure that the apps follow or align with updated regulations for security and operational purposes. Compliance-as-code integrates updated compliance and audits into DevOps processes, ensuring apps meet high-security measures and function according to regional regulations. The process will help firms to have security controls into codes and block threat activities. In addition, the compliance codes also help compliance testing and automate various testing processes.

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

As the SASE network system integrates VPN and SD-WAN competence with cloud-based security mechanisms such as secure internet gateways, firewalls, and zero-trust network access, the network sets as one of the most efficient solutions for FinTech application security. The SASE architecture assists in controlling application network traffic and conducts analysis. The analytics help detects malicious digital data in fraudulent transactions, malware, and other potential application threats.

FinTech App Security Solutions Should Not Be Overlooked

The increasing threat landscape puts pressure on finance firms to make cybersecurity a priority for FinTech applications. Security Finance is an emerging technology and cyber concern. The latest upturns signal using high-security solutions to secure apps with confidential data. Developing a secure finance app requires advanced IT tools, project management, and software development expertise. Firms must not overlook security solutions for apps in the future. Prioritizing cybersecurity early in the development stage of the FinTech app may increase the evens of having a safer, more secure, and reliable app for customers and firms by keeping data safer than before.

Anushree Bhattacharya
Anushree Bhattacharya
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