Top 5 FinTech Chatbots for 2023-24


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Many chatbot providers exist in the market, but how suitable are they for the financial sector? This article explores the top FinTech Chatbots.

2023 is about to end, and firms must prepare for 2024. Chatbots are bringing a change in various industries.

According to Statista’s Chatbot Market Worldwide 2016-2025 Report

Chatbot Market Worldwide 2016-2025 Report

What is a FinTech chatbot?

A FinTech Chatbot is an AI-powered virtual assistant. It helps address customers’ financial assistance and service requirements. It offers omnichannel support across all digital platforms.

Advantages of Chatbots

Chatbots offer many advantages, from time-saving to improved lead generation and customer satisfaction. Over the long term, these benefits translate into financial gains for the business. However, what are the specific financial benefits associated with chatbots?

Some of the most common benefits of financial services chatbots include:

  • Improved proactive engagement

The financial sector can profit from implementing chatbots. These recommend and promote financial products based on prior transaction history.

These chatbots simplify difficult banking updates and financial advice for clients navigating the bank’s website. This enables engagement and strengthens customer relationships.

  • Cost reduction

Chatbot pricing varies based on the service provider and the specific needs. Costs remain relatively low if one aims to provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience. However, costs may increase when they require the bot to execute complex transactions or reduce the risk of human error in money transfers.

Messaging clients through financial chatbots can help the business cut customer service expenses. These bots quickly resolve issues without needing human support agents.

  • Increased efficiency

Chatbot efficiency in banking is a result of their speed and capacity. Financial chatbots can manage hundreds of transactions and inquiries concurrently. A human agent can only focus on one request at a time.

By handling routine service queries, chatbots ease the agents’ workload without compromising customer satisfaction. They can even provide personalized service to the customers.

  • Enhanced customer feedback collection

Many clients hesitate to provide feedback to their bank due to privacy concerns or the belief that their input will not make a difference. In addition, the absence of feedback collection as part of the transaction process further compounds this issue.

Chatbots with feedback-gathering features encourage customers. They can share their honest opinions by offering a more conversational approach to feedback. This approach can reduce privacy issues by assuring clients that their information will be protected.

Top 5 FinTech Chatbots

1. ai is a virtual agent platform that assists businesses worldwide in improving customer service through AI. It streamlines time-consuming queries and improves self-service for clients, reducing response times.


  • Weekly performance analytics reviews
  • Full customization options
  • Multilingual support in over 100 languages


  • Occasional service disruptions
  • Some users find the dialogue-building interface less user-friendly


TARS optimizes conversion funnels, enhances customer experience, and automates certain customer service interactions. Online banking visitors are greeted and offered assistance, creating a more personal experience.


  • Finance and banking chatbot templates
  • Easy configuration
  • Geolocation data collection and personalized prospect experiences


  • Some users face challenges connecting TARS to Google Analytics
  • Limited customization

3. Haptik

Using virtual assistants, Haptik empowers businesses to manage the entire customer lifecycle, from interest to purchase to support. This boosts operational efficiency and revenue.


  • Extensive analytics platform
  • Responsive customer support team
  • Pre-defined processes to address common issues and questions


  • Limited guidance on Smart Agent Chat usage
  • No real-time issue reporting

4. chat

Collect. chat is a platform for creating finance chatbots with simple drag-and-drop templates. Setting up virtual assistants takes just a few hours. Users can customize templates, collect visitor data, and integrate with various platforms.


  • Diverse and useful templates
  • Multiple integrations with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Slack, and Zendesk
  • Automated meeting scheduling


  • Lack of AI chatbots
  • Some users find it less intuitive to use 

5. AlphaChat

AlphaChat is a conversational AI platform featuring bots and virtual assistants. It uses natural language processing for human-like interactions. It reduces the workload on agents by handling FAQs and automating repetitive tasks.


  • Numerous conversation topics for better organization
  • User-friendly visual editor for chatbot responses
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics


  • Limited capabilities for intents (scheduling and hiding not supported)
  • Lack of a visual flow of the customer’s chat journey

The landscape of FinTech chatbots for 2023-24 presents a diverse range of options for the financial industry. These AI-powered virtual assistants offer many advantages, like:

  • Improving customer engagement
  • Cost savings
  • Improving operational efficiency.

Each of the top five chatbots we have explored has unique pros and cons. They all contribute to the overarching goal of transforming and streamlining financial services.

The potential benefits of using FinTech chatbots are clear. However, choosing the right chatbot depends on the specific needs and priorities. Knowing each chatbot’s features and limitations is crucial in making an informed decision.

As tech advances, the finance sector must adapt and harness the power of AI to stay competitive and meet customer expectations.

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According to Precedence Research’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market in the U.S. 2023,-2032 report

Precedence Research’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market

FinTech chatbots are not just tools for today; they are investments in the future. They can improve customer interactions and deliver tangible financial benefits to businesses.

Whether you prioritize proactive engagement, cost reduction, increased efficiency, or improved feedback collection, the top five FinTech chatbots provide viable options to consider.

These chatbots represent a pivotal step toward a more streamlined and customer-centric future.

Tejdeep Desai
Tejdeep Desai
Tejdeep Desai is an accomplished technology writer currently working at TalkFintech. With over two years of experience in the B2B industry, he has established himself as a seasoned professional with a keen interest in Financial Technology. His passion for technology is evident in his writing, as he skillfully blends his technical expertise with a knack for explaining complex concepts in a concise and accessible manner. His articles provide valuable insights into the latest trends, innovations, and advancements in the technology sector, making him a trusted source of information for readers seeking a comprehensive understanding of the industry.


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