Elo Teams Up With Felix To Make Mobile Payments A Reality


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Felix, the global leader in contactless cloud EMV payment technology, and Elo, a leading global provider of interactive solutions announced the integration of the Felix.Terminal Tap to Pay cloud-based solution with Elo’s M50 Mobile Computer. The move aims to provide a seamless contactless payment experience to retailers across various industries, including retail, hospitality, sports stadiums, and quick-service restaurants.

The Android-based M50 Mobile Computer is purpose-built to provide mobile inventory and mobile-to-fixed solutions supporting computing needs. Now with Felix.Terminal Tap to Pay, the M50 Mobile Computer enables retailers to utilize the NFC function for contactless payments and BOPIS in environments such as retail, hospitality, sports stadiums, and quick-service restaurants. This functionality supports consumer demand for a frictionless buying experience.

The integration of Felix.Terminal Tap to Pay and the M50 Mobile Computer will enable retailers to accept NFC payments, improving the checkout experience for customers and increasing sales. According to a report by IHL Group, retailers using mobile POS systems have experienced 42% higher sales growth over those that don’t.

Elo’s Android-based M50 Mobile Computer provides a mobile inventory and mobile-to-fixed solution for computing needs, making it ideal for retailers of all sizes. With the Felix partnership, the M50 can be used as a contactless payment device, giving retailers the flexibility to process payments from anywhere within the store, curbside, or at special events. This results in faster checkout times and improved customer satisfaction.

“The Elo M50 handheld computer and Felix tap-to-pay is a great solution for business owners to accept contactless mobile payments anywhere,” said Craig Witsoe, CEO at Elo. “We are excited about the partnership.”

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In addition to the contactless payment function, the Elo and Felix solution provides merchants with a reliable, customizable mobile computer. A docking station and monitor can be added to create a fixed POS solution, providing retailers with a complete payment system that suits their needs.

“We are pleased to be working with an innovative company like Elo. Our cloud payment acceptance platform improves the way traditional payment terminals are enabled, creating exciting new use cases in the retail space and beyond. Enabling the M50 to accept payments is a perfect example of how Elo and Felix are creating the next generation of smart retail solutions.” said Felix co-CEO Owen Newport.

Elo and Felix’s partnered solution will offer merchants the following benefits:

  • Increased flexibility: Associates using mobile enterprise devices will allow payments to be processed from anywhere within the store, curbside, and special events, providing greater flexibility and convenience for both retailers and customers. This can lead to faster checkout times and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Increased transactions: Customers required to wait in line to complete their transactions have demonstrated a desire to walk out rather than wait to complete their transaction. The partnered Elo and Felix M50 solution enables the merchant to assist more customers at once, keeping the customer sale with the merchant rather than letting it walk out the door. This results in increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and market share.
  • Increased sales: By implementing mobile pay with the M50, merchants can increase sales by making it easier for customers to make purchases. Additionally, the merchant’s associates can use the device to suggest complementary products, upsells, and payment which has shown to increase sales.

Elo and Felix will roll out the M50 NFC opportunity in the U.S. and Canada, followed by LATAM and EMEA shortly after.

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