Fintech Builds Innovative Solutions For Installment Payments To The Public & Private Sectors


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Companies specializing in smart solutions for installment payments have increasingly appropriated a technological and innovative bias. Based on this purpose, fintech Smart Pagamentos has developed two financing models for payments in installments that serve both the public and private sectors, in a safe and unbureaucratic way.

In the financial scenario, credit card transaction amounts increased by 25.6% in the third quarter of 2022 and reached R$527.6 billion. The data were pointed out in the last survey carried out by the Brazilian Association of Credit Card and Services Companies (Abecs), released in December last year.

At the same time, the percentage of default by individuals rose from around 4% in the first half of 2021 to 7.3% in September 2022. To generate the information, Abecs compiled data provided by the Central Bank (check out the full study here). According to the association, the card sector follows the rigor due to the procedure for new concessions, with the aim of keeping defaults under control.

In addition, there is also a tendency for shopkeepers to avoid the option for installment payments due to the higher fees charged for the use of credit cards. Research carried out by UBS BB pointed out that, in 2022, commissions paid by merchants in the use of card machines increased for the first time in six years. The credit rate rose from 2.1% in October of the previous year to 2.8%.

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smart solutions

The panorama has resulted in innovative smart financing options by specialized companies. One of the novelties that Smart Payments brought to the market is the “Parcela Contas”, a resolving model aimed at paying taxes in installments using a credit card.

The solution is aimed at city halls and governments and allows the taxpayer to pay taxes in instalments. Napoleão Brito, the company’s CEO, explains that the model benefits both parties involved in the negotiation: the taxpayer and the public administration, which collects the tax. “The City Hall manages to increase revenue and taxpayers are up to date with their debts, reducing defaults”, explains the executive.

“Parcela Aí” is a financing modality aimed at the retail market. Through the solution, the company responsible for the sale receives the full amount of the transaction the next day, but the buyer has the option of paying in up to 24 installments, depending on the amount.

This solution is made available by fintech in a comprehensive way throughout the national territory. Medical clinics, car dealerships, condominiums and registry offices are some of the areas covered by this modality. “The person who wants to have an aesthetic procedure can pay the medical fees in up to 24 installments. The doctor receives the money in cash, the next day, without discounting fees”, explains the CEO.

In the case of notaries, in addition to the fees, it is possible to pay in installments all the taxes required for the purchase, sale, donation or transfer of a property. According to Napoleão, “this brings more comfort and practicality both for the client and for the holder of the notary, who now offers another form of payment, receiving the full amount of their fees the next day, without any type of discount”.

The executive also explains that there is no membership fee or monthly fee for those who join the “Parcele Contas” and “Parcela Aí” platforms. “The cost of implementation is zero for anyone who hires any of our solutions”.

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