Nukkleus Releases Updated Corporate Presentation: Lays Out Vision for Building Financial Infrastructure of the Future


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Nukkleus Inc., a pioneering force in the fintech industry, proudly announces its new corporate presentation, marking a significant milestone as the company reaffirms its commitment to building ‘A Gateway to the Future of Finance’. This evolution comes after its recent commencement of trading on the NASDAQ as part of the completion of a SPAC merger, highlighting a period of growth and innovation. Nukkleus offers a host of products and services internationally, primarily outside the United States.

Strategy and Vision for the Future: At its core, Nukkleus is a curated gateway to the future of finance infrastructure, investing in and nurturing technologies that are at the foundation of new-age financial services.  With a commitment to disruptive technologies and progress, Nukkleus is at theforefront of the fintech revolution that leverages blockchain technology and digital assets to pave the way for a more efficient and inclusive financial services industry.

Strategic Growth and Market Position: As a fintech aggregator, Nukkleus is strategically expanding its ecosystem through acquisitions and partnerships. The company’s portfolio includes regulated and licensed businesses in key financial sectors, such as asset management, payment solutions, and technology platforms. With a focus on infrastructure solutions for traditional financial services adopting blockchain technology, Nukkleus targets growth verticals with well-defined regulatory environments

Key Offerings and Innovations in Nukkleus’ Portfolio:

  • Democratizing Access to New Asset Classes: In 2021, Nukkleus acquired a stake in Jacobi Asset Management, the sponsor of Europe’s only regulated and approved bitcoin spot ETF traded on Euronext.
  • Disruptive Cross Border Payments Infrastructure: Digital RFQ (DRFQ), which is wholly owned by Nukkleus, leverages blockchain technology to bring efficiency and reduced costs to international B2B payments and currency exchange, making them more accessible in emerging markets and appropriate jurisdictions.
  • Custody and Settlement for Institutions: DigiClear, which Nukkleus has a substantial stake in (50%), is a proprietary digital assets custody and settlement platform poised to revolutionize post-trade processes.
  • Advanced Trading Technology: Nukkleus Technology, which is wholly owned by Nukkleus, is an advanced trading technology solutions, including the XW Trader platform and liquidity services, in appropriate jurisdictions.

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Looking Ahead: With its strategic vision and innovative offerings, Nukkleus is not just participating in the future of finance but actively shaping it. The company’s growth plans include expanding its ETF offerings, enhancing payment solutions, and further developing its technological infrastructure.

“At Nukkleus, we don’t just anticipate the future; we’re creating it. Our updated corporate presentation reflects not just where we are today but where we’re heading tomorrow. We’re building a gateway to the future financial services  making them more accessible, efficient, and secure for everyone. This isn’t just a business goal; it’s a global imperative,” said Emil Assentato, CEO and Chairman of Nukkleus.

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