Reltime Introduces Non-Custodial Mobile Wallets and Web3 Platform to Decentralize Global Digital Finance


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Reltime AS, a leading innovator of digital financial solutions has announced today that it is launching the next version of its non-custodian wallets and ground-breaking Web3 platform which are set to revolutionize global digital finance. In May 2023, Reltime won the prestigious Nordic Innovation Award as the Best AI & Web3 Fintech of 2023.

“Reltime is dedicated to empowering customers worldwide by democratizing and decentralizing global digital finance with transparency, trust and security,” said Bishwajit Choudhary, Chief Commercial Officer at Reltime. “Our non-custodian wallets give end-users their own private keys, ensuring them full access to digital assets (money, reward points, loans etc.) stored in these wallets and enabling them to seamlessly transact with other users globally, 24x7x365 basis.

Unlike other non-custodian wallets in the industry, we allow users to recover their wallets if they lose their passwords. Reltime or our B2B customers/partners have absolutely no access to the digital assets stored in these wallets although many control features are implemented around these wallets to ensure AML regulatory compliance. Non-custodian wallets are at the heart of decentralizing and democratizing digital finance with security, transparency, and trust.”

Reltime’s innovative Web3 platform not only provides seamless payment, lending, loyalty and remittance solutions but also allows its customers (telecom operators, retail chains, financial institutions, and neo-banks) to build their own digital applications on our platform and deploy them globally.

The Oslo-based company has also developed a unique Layer-1 Proof of Authority blockchain, with a zero transaction fee model. Reltime’s platform, using mobile phones as trusted nodes, underscores its commitment to harnessing blockchain innovations with the highest levels of performance, security, and trust.

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Reltime’s Web3 platform serves as the ultimate resource for players seeking to deploy next-generation digital applications and e-commerce. Built with smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps), it is a true NxtGen Digital Financial Services platform designed to meet the complex demands of the modern world.

“Whether you are a financial institution, a tech company, or an innovator in the digital space, our platform provides all the tools that you need to redefine your service propositions and offer a superior experience to end users,” Bishwajit added.

Reltime is leading the charge to build a more inclusive, transparent, and secure digital finance world. With the latest developments, they are poised to accelerate this transformation.

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