Team Unified rebrands as Netevia Platinum, launches as a new Netevia division


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Formerly a smaller contender in the industry, Team Unified, today announces its rebranding to Netevia Platinum, launching as a strategic new division of the pioneering fintech company, Netevia. With a multi-million dollar investment from Netevia, this rebranding allows Netevia Platinum to access Netevia’s innovative products and services, with a particular emphasis on its newly introduced banking services program, setting a new course in the payment processing and merchant services industry.

“Our rebranding into Netevia Platinum symbolizes a new commitment to growth, innovation, and an unwavering focus on our customers,” says Gus Torres, CEO of Netevia Platinum. “As a new division under Netevia, we’re introducing our unique Netevia Platinum Direct Program to reshape the industry landscape.”

Spearheading this strategy is the industry veteran David Holman, who will drive the scaling of the Netevia Platinum Direct Program. This innovative program, diverging from the conventional 1099 sales agent ISO model, utilizes W2 sales employees for more direct market interaction, reflecting Netevia Platinum’s commitment to delivering personalized and efficient direct sales.

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With over 30 years of invaluable experience, including his known brand ‘We Process’ and his successful tenure as a District Sales Manager at Heartland, Holman is well-positioned to steer this initiative. “I am thrilled to lead the Netevia Platinum Direct Program,” said Holman. “Our unique approach offers a rare opportunity to redefine the industry and elevate service standards.”

Netevia Platinum, now a division of Netevia, operates with its unique focus and vision. Netevia’s multi-million dollar investment showcases a shared ambition to disrupt the industry’s status quo and a firm belief in Netevia Platinum’s potential.

Vlad Sadovskiy, CEO of Netevia, noted, “Our investment in Netevia Platinum reflects our confidence in their vision. This new division’s emphasis on direct sales and W2 employees promises to drive substantial advancements in the payment processing and merchant services industry.”

Netevia Platinum invites businesses looking for a modernized transaction experience to join them on this exciting journey. The company assures existing and prospective customers that this transformation signifies a leap in service quality as they continue introducing cutting-edge solutions in the industry.

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