The CreditU app by American Consumer Credit Counseling will unify the user’s financial universe with AI and human interaction.


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American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc., announced today that its revolutionary CreditU mobile app will combine live interaction with ACCC’s expert counselors and an AI-supported platform that draws from thousands of credit counseling calls to deliver customized debt management and other financial solutions for app users.

Powered by ACCC, CreditU is an unparalleled one-stop-shop for all financial needs that revolutionizes the landscape of personal finance with state-of-the-art AI technology and human expertise integration. Empowering users with effortless financial management, the app provides instant access to a comprehensive suite of budget and expense tracking tools, credit score monitoring, debt-to-income analysis, and invaluable financial education calculators and resources.

“The CreditU mobile app does what no other financial management tool has done. It taps the largest database of real credit counseling sessions and other client experiences to create a highly intuitive AI chat function, and it puts every critical financial management tool in the palm of the user’s hand,” said Allen Amadin, President and CEO of American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc.  “At the same time, CreditU also puts access to the best and most highly trained credit counselors at a user’s fingertips. The combination of AI-enhanced fintech and human interaction with our team of expert counselors will re-define the future of our industry.”

The CreditU app employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence to enhance users’ financial experiences, offering tailored solutions to meet their unique needs:

  • Debt Management: Supporting users who require assistance or guidance in managing their debts effectively.
  • Financial Wellness: Empowering users to proactively navigate potential financial challenges by improving their financial management skills.

Optimized Finances: Providing users with minimal or no debt access to top tier fintech tools for optimizing their financial practices. The app employs generative AI models similar to ChatGPT – using natural language processing and the data and experiences from thousands of ACCC clients – to create the most comprehensive AI-based personal finance and debt management tool available anywhere.

“This is not just something that has no heart. Nobody has a chat bot that is connecting with you and counseling you the way this is,” said Ben Toker, who leads the AI initiatives on the CreditU development team. “The artificial intelligence is the biggest differentiator. There is a level of empathy that goes deeper to really understand someone’s financial challenges and provide tangible steps to overcome them.”

The CreditU app revolutionizes debt management by dramatically accelerating the process of intake required for credit counseling. Users are also able to create interactive budgets based on custom inputs, and track all of their financial goals in one place.

The powerful AI-supported platform generates personalized financial action steps and tips for each user based on machine learning from ACCC’s massive database of client interactions. And of course, ACCC’s expert financial counselors are available through live chat to enhance the CreditU app experience with human interaction.

The highly anticipated CreditU app will launch in January for iPhone and other iOS devices, with availability on all Android devices to be launched in February. American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc. invites individuals to secure their position on the pre-order waiting list exclusively at By joining the pre-order list, enrollees gain priority access to app downloads on the launch date, along with exclusive benefits like pre-launch app previews, exclusive content tailored to waiting list members, and more.

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The CreditU app offers a wide range of features and functionalities including bank and credit card account integration, a holistic financial overview that allows users to track their financial health and make informed decisions, expense tracking and budgeting, financial goal setting, financial calculators, and personalized recommendations.

“Our goal is to empower every CreditU user to unify their financial universe with a single tool that places every personal finance function at their fingertips,” said Katie Ross, Executive Vice President of ACCC. “It’s like having a birds-eye view of your entire financial life, and the ability to zero in on any challenge or make progress toward any goal with the best support system available anywhere.”

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